Hello my country people! Lol I know that doesnt sound so me but I’m sure u guys are doing well😙😙

So I just thought to share with you guys, a few of many things I’m actually eyeing and would love to own.

1. Abari Eyewear


This sunglasses brand is unique because it’s frames as well as the case it comes in are made from bamboo and that I think,is really cool COOL. The lens itself is polarizedĀ  and coupled with that it can be personalised with your name imprinted on it! Now how dope is that?

2.Jord Woodwatches


Haha yes.I have a flare for wooden unique designs and this wristwatch with the strap made of wood my definition of really cool. I stumbled on their page on IG and then went ahead to their website and that even got me drooling the more😯😯

3. A pair of ankle boots


You’d agree with me that a pair of ankle boots is an all season wardrobe staple which could add an edge to your outfits and if you follow Fisayo Longe on IG. You’d wanna grab a pair immediately and this particular pair from Asos; totally got me.

4. Raedelle Sandals


I remember the first time I saw the pictures of this handmade sandal on a friend’s phone and asked her to send the link of the site she was going to order it from only to find out it was being handmade here in Nigeria by a Lady. The Sandals looks uber comfortable and really chic plus she makes for both male and female. I really wouldn’t mind owning a pair or two
IG: @raedelle_sandals

5. A Professional Camera


Because I want my pictures to be of better quality and hence serve you guys with better images. I have actually been eyeing this particular Nikon D3200 but any professional camera would be good

So,there you have it. These are a few of the many things (yes I actually have a long list) I’m currently wishing to own at the moment.
Do have a splendid week ahead of you.
Till soon. Toeseene

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  1. charles

    Jeez! I love the watch!

  2. disgirlfrid

    Wow! Abari tho!! My favourite piece!!! The watch and scandals are cool too. Errrrm… I know my days of seriously wishing for a camera is coming soon. Lol! Tosin Tosin…you sabi better thing.. cheers!

    1. olutoge

      Haha. I recently just got it too

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