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Hello TTT Readers and Happy weekend!! I hope y’all are out turning up and having fun. I’m here on my bed writing this post and reading for my tests. Really can’t wait to graduate but I’m not complaining
I have news down below but enjoy the post first😊


I can’t even overemphasize how comfortable oversized shirts can be and this is one trend I’ve fallen in love with.It doesn’t seem like I’m leaving anytime soon.

I particularly love this shirt because of the prints.

The prints remind me of graffiti(wall paintings in public places)


The boyfriend jeans belongsbelonged to my mom and they are super comfortable😋.


I completed the whole look with my chunky heeled sandals which I wore in this post





A little style tip:
When pairing oversized shirts, there should be a limit to how big the shirt is relative to your normal size.
I for one wear a size 10 and I go for 2 shirt sizes bigger. This particular shirt is a size 14 and a size 16 would be a tad too big and might look like I was thrown into a sack, remove the “coolness” and look so tacky. We don’t want that now,or do we?

And yes to the NEWS. Well I’m going to be MIA for about a month. Reason being that I’m going to be writing my semester exams.But hey! Good news I’m going to give my blog a makeover.

“” doesn’t sound bad now does it?Ok then. Very soon. Remember you can go over old posts and share with friends while I’m away.
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Till soon. Toeseene.

Outfit Details
Vintage Shirt: Thrifted
Jeans trouser : Mom’s Closet
Sandals: New Look
Glasses: Moani Vintage
Bag: Old

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  1. Ibk

    I should meet your photographer

  2. Ibk

    Great post

  3. Akinola

    Tosin and ‘oldschool’ looks though, good luck with your test.

  4. Oluwaseyi

    Love this look from the to the shoe. It’s dope

  5. elmaven

    Reblogged this on elmaven and commented:
    I like the creativity. It’s weird and lively and looks comfortable. Tosin taking us back to the 70’s. Good going!
    PS: can you do something for the boys?

    1. toeseene

      Yea something for the boys coming very soon

  6. elmaven

    You need to do one for the boys. *winks

  7. adaora

    Nice one girl. Ride on. You could go thru my blog in your spare time.

  8. rogue

    I love that it’s different and that I can wear my mum’s jeans 😁😁

  9. TANG

    Jeans from your mum, lol technically that’s mom jeans yeah? I like the prints on this shirt too! You have a good eye for lovely prints and the location suits the outfit.

    1. olutoge

      Haha yes makes it mom jeans. Lol. Thank you!

    2. olutoge

      Haha yes makes it mom jeans. lol

  10. Hassie

    Hello Tosin, I’m very new here, but I’ve already read like 10 of your blog post. Very nice blog!!! The retro vibes in this post got me like .

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