Tosin’s Thursday Thoughts||Enjoying Your Own Company

Hello lovelies. How’s your week going?
Happy Ramadan all my Moslem peeps and happy Holidays!

So I read somewhere that the true test of who you really are is who you are when you are completely alone.

For introverts(P.S I’m not one) being in your company is quite normal and energising and can easily be enjoyed but for extroverts I doubt it.I think it’s actually necessary to spend time alone as it makes space for your real thoughts to come through.

I know we’re in the century where not attending weddings or parties or not even turning up on Friday nights can be referred to as anti-social and weird, I have also discovered that majority of these “weirdos” are the world’s most creative people.

It makes you depend less on people for happiness which was a mistake I made at a point in my life but when the person wanted out, I realised all “happiness” left.

It’s okay..perfectly okay to enjoy the company of your friends for those who have lots of friends or the few ones we have for those of us who have few friends.
Here are a few tips that have helped me enjoy my own company :

●Lone restaurant outings

Haha yeah I’ve done this a couple of times and trust me the first few times sure felt weird as I was so conscious of everything. From the way I chewed to wondering if people felt I was lonely for coming here alone to so many other things but subsequently I got over all these and became more comfortable with it.

●Going to the movies alone.

Like I do this basically most of the time because for one.. I do not have the same taste in movies as most of my friends. While they are always about the action type of movie.. (I wonder why I’d pay money to come scare myself in a dark room) hence I go for the romantic/chic kindof movies and sometimes for Nigerian movies yea.. I know but once the lights in the cinemas are dimmed and my sharwama in one hand and fanta in the other.. I can easily lose myself into the plot on the large screen.
Trust me, this one isn’t bad AT ALL.

●Taking walks alone.

Well I haven’t done this a lot, but the few times I did wasn’t bad experience at all. I mean with your ears plugged and the appropriate weather,you should definitely have a good one on this and I’ll definitely be doing this more often.



This doesn’t necessarily imply having to do the yoga and all of that but simply taking out time to think.
I think almost everyone must have done this at some point in their lives. I think it’s quite necessary as it can help you tap into your creative power and discover different things you didn’t know about yourself.
So, there you have it..

Have you tried any of these tips before? Is there any other tip that can help enjoy one’s company? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment box below.
(P.S: All images featured in this particular blog post are not mine and were gotten from Google)

Till soon. Toeseene

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  1. Adebile V. Abimbola

    Good one Tosin. More grace hun

  2. kittypens

    I love this girl….you rock…thank you for this

  3. rahimat

    nice post hunnay. Being on my own is fun most times, i just love the peace dat comes with it but then sometimes i just wantu b around lotta pple nd av fun.. i might just be an introverted extrovert.

  4. Abimbola

    I think I just really need this

    1. toeseene

      You really should try any of these dear

  5. thatfife

    Reading a book helps me clear my head a lot of times and yeah taking long evening walk is simply ahmazingggg……beautiful piece

  6. koffi

    Used to do these, kinda insightful tho

  7. toeseene

    Aww most of the time too. I get inspiration from sitting alone. It sure helps and yea you should try going out alone sometimes boo

  8. Funke olotu

    You’re right about not depending on people, it was a lesson I learnt a long time and now I enjoy my company well and prioritize myself, others might see it as being self centered but it’s not and it’s great for my soul.
    Great tips

  9. Peoniesandrubies

    I am an introvert and I enjoy my own company to the point that it’s now a problem, I think this arose from me being an only child for over a decade. Some people do not actually understand that I prefer to do most things alone. It’s not like I’m anti-social (maybe a bit, lol), I can be very playful and talkative when I’m with people I like. I am now making conscious effort to relate better with others and actually enjoy it. Lovely article

    1. toeseene

      Thanks dear. I’m glad you’re making conscious efforts now ☺

  10. toeseene

    Quiet necessary sometimes y’know. Thanks for your comment dear

  11. Shalobimbo

    Nice one toeseene , great for we loners.

  12. Chinomso

    I’m an extrovert but I freaking love my space. I’ve gone to the cinema alone and I totally enjoyed myself. It’s necessary sometimes to be alone, it gives you clarity.

    1. olutoge

      I totally agree with you. Thanks for stopping by dear

  13. Joy Ollie

    Hi Tosin. I love these tips. There is nothing wrong with spending time alone though some people do it in denial. But in this case, it’s positive. I have only done meditating and I’m yet to try the rest.

    I also like that you can’t get yourself scared in a dark room. That was really hilarious.

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