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Happy weekend! Always feels good to say that because rest is good after labour. Well that applies to those who have 9-5 jobs or don’t have books or assignments to deal with like me.


So if you’ve been following me from my very first post,then you must have figured that I don’t have a particular style and just throw on whatever I want just because I want to. Who else is with me on this?🙋

Today’s style post is about this lovely vintage shirt I’ve had for a while and haven’t worn.Reason cos I wanted to pair it with pants and was to lazy to sew it,but guess who now has a new pair of pants?😆


I paired it with this lovely sandal from New Look that my friend hooked me up with.

Hey Yetunde!!😉😉

This is another way to rock the wig which I wore in This post




What do you think about this look? would you have paired yours with pants like I did or a skirt?

Outfit Details
Vintage Shirt: Moanivintage
Pants: Tailored by Me
Sandals: New look
Wig: By me GlambyTheTosinToge
(Sorry about the quality of my images. Hope to get a camera someday😦😦)

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  1. Ijenwa

    It is a beautiful ensemble. The sandals.

  2. Lola

    I love the colors

  3. toeseene

    Aww thanks dear. Glad you like it.

    1. olutoge

      Thanks dearest!

  4. Sonia

    Am with you Hun. I don’t have a style If I love it then I would wear it. You look beautiful Hun. Love your blog

  5. WSG

    Totally love the olive pants and you nailed the “old school” look. I’d definitely pair mine with the olive green pants and maybe white or tan sandals instead.

    1. toeseene

      Nice choice girl. Thanks for stopping by dear

  6. disgirlfrid

    Your phone camera is on point. Every outfit you wear, you own it. Your poses are model like, I’m beginning to wonder if you have done it professionally before. I like your unpredictable style…it takes boldness to wear many hats. I love the colours of your prints and bottoms. Kudos girl!

    1. toeseene

      Awww thanks girl. You just made my night girl

  7. Beetee

    I’d definitely wear this, but I’m with WSG in the white sandals. I love your style and you sure own the vintage look..

  8. Beetee

    I’d definitely wear this, but I’m with WSG on the white sandals. I love your style and you sure own the vintage look..

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