The Laced plaid dress

Hello everyone and how’s your weekend going? Apart from having to study for a series of tests next week, mine’s been going well too.

Is it just me or the title of this post has a nice ring to it? 😎😎

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this shift dress I got from a yard sale a few weeks ago. It cost just #1500(about $7) and the bag cost #1000(about $5) and they were totally new. 😉😉

I know I know. Who doesn’t love a good bargain. To think I hesitated about going for the yard sale event. I’m glad I did.

I especially lovee shift dresses because they are super comfy and you can go out,eat as much as you can without feeling conscious of how big your stomach would look. 😂😂

The dress didn’t come with pockets but I love it when my clothes have pockets so I included the pockets myself because.. DIY! 🙂

I particularly love the the Laced bib collar and the lace at the cuffs too and the vintage feel to the whole outfit.

I paired it with my nude coloured heels
Photography by: @anu_odusanya

Outfit Details
Shift dress: Yard sale
Bag: Yard sale
Earrings: Bland2glam
Wristwatch: Gift
Nude heels: Nine West
Glasses:Moani Vintage

Till soon. Toeseene.

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  1. disgirlfrid

    Hmmmm…I love your bag!!! DIY pockets, impressive! Lovely heels too. I look forward to more posts… You should try doing OOTD as well, I’m curious about what you wear on a casual day, to weddings, maybe clubs as well if you enjoy such social gatherings. Cheers!!!!

    1. toeseene

      Thanks Wumi dear. OOTD? I’d work on that plus on a normal sch day I’m usually corporately dressed.

  2. mzjolaade

    Tosin u gaz link ur girl up with d yard sale thingy lol, nice outfit by d way.

    1. toeseene

      Hehe I will definitely will dear. Thanks love

  3. toeseene

    Haha very responsible. I’m glad I got them

  4. Ololade

    So fab! And damn you’re so real. I can’t wait for your next posts. I subscribed aiidy. I don’t even know you but I like you aiidy. Lol

  5. kittypens

    When she is not only beautiful but has got some kick ass styles in her. Kudos babe…still thinking of the one to cuman kidnap..*winks*

    1. toeseene

      Hehe thanks boo. Don’t come near my closet plss

  6. charles

    Thumbs up! Tosine..’

  7. toeseene

    Thanks dear. It’s an abbreviation for Do It Yourself

  8. Collins

    Awesome post. I do love me some good bargain.

    1. toeseene

      Yes it’s a simple dress that can be dressed up. Thanks for stopping by Cassie

  9. Beejay

    Lovely outfit…..

  10. oluchee

    From the dress to the bag to the shoes (especially the shoes ) beautiful!

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