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Hey there! It’s not too late to say Happy new month eh? Welcome to my birth month and I hope this month brings us Peace, Joy and everything we have been hoping for.I hope I keep being consistent as that is actually one of my new month resolutions. Lol. Yes. I have new month resolutions because I can.

Without deviating too much, I was excited when I got a mail from Ewami Essentials asking me to do a product review part because I have been sort of eyeing their products.I was sent three products but I’ll be doing a review of the cleansing honey first.

Ewami Essentials is a brand which produces different ranges of natural products from skin care, to hair care products which are quite affordable.

They also offer online hair and skin care consultation which I think is very cool.

I’m one of those that are very big on natural products because of their many benefits which usually outweigh the adverse effects (if any).

First Impression : The packaging totally got me, I was really impressed and if you know me, you’ll know I’m big on big on good packaging and in my honest opinion it’s a 9/10 for me.(who says Nigerian brands are not doing well?)

The product came in a wide mouth 4oz container which makes it quite easy to use.

Product : Ewami Essentials Cleansing Honey

Product Information : The cleansing honey has antibacterial properties and is supposed to be used in place of a regular face cleanser. It also serves as an humectant by keeping the skin moisturised,soft and supple.

Ingredients : Raw organic honey, Cinnamon Powder, Virginia Coconut oil and turmeric powder.

How I Used it : I followed the labelled instruction which was quite easy. I moistened my face with water after which I applied in circular motion all over my face and neck area and left for about 12 minutes and rinsed with warm water

Results : I used it for about 5 days and I made sure I didn’t wear makeup throughout because I wanted to be sure of its results before writing this review.

Yes, it did make my skin softer and clearer. As I have never had acne I still noticed a whole lot of difference after about a week of using it.

Will I be buying again? : When I finish the one with me. Most definitely yes

My Conclusion : I think this is great value for your money spent as it gives perfectly good result.

My honest verdict : Packaging+ease of use+cost+Results=8.5/10 for me.

They have different ranges of natural products from skin care, to hair care products which are quite affordable and they even offer online hair and skin care consultation.

Their walk-in store is located at 31, Oshuntokun Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan. Nigeria.

You can also click HERE  to view and order their products as they ship both within and outside the country. You can also follow them on Instagram @ewami_essentials

 Facebook: Ewami Essentials
Till soon. Toeseene


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  1. Moradeyo Damilola

    Yh, I use it. It’s so nice.

    1. olutoge

      I’m glad there’s another witness to testify to this. thanks Dammy!

  2. Oyinkan

    Happy birthday in advance dear. I enjoyed reading this review and was hoping to see if its cures acne. But well oh well..
    P.S jealous much that you’ve never had acne Bye!

    1. olutoge

      I’m not sure it works for acne tbh but it’s definetely a very good face cleanser.Thanks for reading dear

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