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Who else knows that feeling you get when it’s almost your birthday. When you don’t know whether to be sad because you’re getting old and even your pops is asking about your “bobo” and you know marriage soon and you know you’re going to have to be responsible for yourself very soon or happy because when you look back at everything God has done for you, you can’t but smile only because he’s just started with you. 

I think I’ll choose the later just because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAYYYYYYY!!!!!

I kid…. I’ll be on my bed till 3pm before running to class for Pharmacognosy class😑😑😑

I divert…
Let’s take a moment to appreciate this beauty which I won at the Colors and Grey bloggers forum which I blogged about. You can read it here ICYMI.

I paired mine with my Gafa sandals (which is making its debut on this blog for the first time by the way) and this just gives the whole outfit a casual vibe which I was aiming at.

This shift dress  is from Mayrushonline is an online store which makes both ready to wear pieces and custom made dresses and this is one of their ready to wear pieces called the ORIRE shift dress.

I particularly love the ankara mix which gives it this vibrant yet simple look. You can contact them here. I must say they are really affordable.

(PS; this is not a sponsored post)


SHIFT DRESS: @mayrushonline


BAG: old (Atmosphere)


So Yes it’s my birthday week and I’m doing my first give way on the blog.

The rules are quite simple.

● Follow me on Instagram @thetosintoge

●Follow @moanicouture on Instagram
●Follow @naijadentist on Instagram

●Subscribe to my blog via the subscription box below

●State which of the 3 Giveaways you are interested in.

Giveaway 1 

A pair of pants from @moanicouture

Giveaway 2

A blazer from @moanicouture

Giveaway 3

Dental makeover (scaling and polishing) courtesy  @naijadentist.which is available to ibadan residents only.

(Pls note that irrespective of the giveaway category you’re interested in, you must be following all the 3 handles and following all rules)

Goodluck guys! Winners would be chosen at random and announced on Thursday.

Giveaway Winners

Blazer from @moanicouture; Tife Adunade 

Pants from;@moanicouture ; Tosin Olaniyi

Dental Makeover from @naijadentist; Chinomso

(Winners should send a DM to the brands on Instagram to claim their gifts)

Thanks to everyone that participated. Subscribe to the blog so you can be first to know of subsequent posts and giveaways. Cheers.

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  1. Jolaade

    I’m in love with d pictures

  2. Boluwatife Adesina

    I want a pair of pants because I’ve never worn pants because I had restrictions… Now I really want to invest in them because for some funny reasons they’re so cute now and there’s no restrictions again

    1. olutoge

      Noted. Thanks for stopping by dear

  3. Jolaade

    i don’t even know if it’s d network dat won’t let me comment in peace, shii b cutting my comments evry tym 🙁 anyway, love ur dress, ur hair, ur glasses nd dose sandals omg

  4. Jolaade

    i don’t even know if it’s d network dat won’t let me comment in peace, shii b c happy birthday in advance dear

  5. Jolaade

    nd about ur parents talking about marriage, they’d stop asking soon, happened to me but nao they both focusing on my career for nao marriage will come later, let’s make d money fess

  6. Uduak

    I would like a pair of pants..

  7. Ayansola tosin

    A blazer from @moniacouture

  8. rahimat

    Awww, u look good hun. I love that shift dress nd rocking it with the sandal just killed it. Btw, me i want pants from moani couture

  9. Mjay

    Well-done dear. The pictures are beautiful. Birthday turnup!!!!!! Pharmacy can’t spoil our shine. P. S: You have boo so na wedding remain

    1. olutoge

      Lmao. Yes to pharmacy not stopping our shine. The boo is far away na. Lol

    1. olutoge

      Alright then. Noted! Thanks for stopping by

  10. Mjay

    A Pair of pants

  11. Chinomso

    Dental makeover please. Happy Birthday in advance. Where’s the party at please, I want cake

    1. olutoge

      Noted Chinomso. No party oh. I hope you’ve followed all the rules

  12. brenda

    You sound funny though.. Piece of advice, don’t ever allow marriage be a problem to you. I can see you are still a student, enjoy your youth and plan for future.. When its right and with faith in God, a great man will come.

    You look very beautiful girl..

  13. adenike

    TOSIN I want d blazer please. .happy birthday in advance

  14. Tosin Olaniyi

    Hey Tosin. I’d really love a pair of pants. Thank you xx

  15. Maureen

    you look so beautiful in all the pictures and I totally love your braids happy birthday in advance dear and I would love to have the blazer

  16. Olaitan

    It keeps saying invalid email address tho

  17. Tee Dee

    Lovely combo on the outfit …missed catching up on your blog

  18. Anniedora

    I would like the dental makeover! Its not only you about the marriage issue, my parents just attacked me recently as I was watching a movie, like ha? Oh and Happy birthday in advance!!

    1. olutoge

      Lol. It’s not even the next thing on my agenda at all. Thanks dear

  19. ipepplez

    Happy Birthday in advance!i love your hair and i want the pants..

  20. timmy

    I love the ankara shift dress☺☺

  21. Ayansola oluwatosin

    I want the blazer. Happy bday dear

  22. ipepplez

    Happy Birthday in advance!!i love your hair and i want the pants….

  23. Becky

    Beautiful pictures dear, in love with the sandals. Keep it up and the sky will be your starting point. More grace

  24. Colours And Grey

    you KILLED it!!! Giving us major #mayrush goosebumps!!!

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