How to Save Money for Travel

One of my major goals this year was to travel a lot but as that didn’t quite happen as I didn’t get to visit most of the places I had in mind to go to, partly because I have been busy in school but majorly because I am a student and on a very tight budget and as we all know, travel ain’t cheap! I almost always find myself checking online for cheap flights especially cheap flights to dubai as that is top on my bucket list but I still couldn’t even afford to go to this year.

However, towards next year, (yes I’m planning already), here are some tips that are helping me save and make my travel dreams come true because I think I deserve the rest especially since I would be graduating later this year and would love to relax.

Set aside a Separate Savings Account

This is a major way I get to save money even as a student. i opened another account with a different bank and I transfer a certain amount to it every month dedicated solely for travel reasons. it doesn’t necessarily have to be a large sum every month but remember every kobo (or cent) counts and would amount to something in the end. this i must say requires a high level of discipline but can be achieved with utmost dedication.

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Cut down your Spending where You Reasonably Can

Everything comes at a cost and that includes getting your dream vacation. getting rid of things you really do not need or can do without would go a very long way. As little as packing your own lunch to work (or school) would go a very long way. If you’re a coffee lover like me, you might want to ignore the numerous cafes springing up around you and brew yourself a cup at home. I personally cut off my gym membership subscription as it was taking a toll on my savings and make do with either skipping or downloading YouTube videos and following the routines.

Set Monthly Budgets

Personally, I go as far as settling weekly budgets just to keep track of all my spending. Truth is it actually sounds a lot easier than it is but there are some free apps like Mint that can help but I still make do with the good ol’ pen and paper, this way, I’m able to track every single naira that I spend. This helps me a lot when you’re trying to be on a strict budget.

Sell Unwanted Clutter

I discovered this a few months back. apparently most of us have some clothes that were gifted to us or that we bought probably on impulse but we never wear, a good way to make money is to sell them off at a very good affordable rate. You can do this by selling on any of your social media platforms especially Instagram. Another way to do this is by giving to a number of wardrobe declutterers on Instagram that sell for you for a little fee and boom! you’re a few bucks richer.

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Shop for Sales Items

I think a lot of us are now very aware that you do not need to spend a lot to look good. i personally always wait for an item to be on sale on better still go thrift shopping. Thrift shopping is of the best things to ever happen to the fashion industry and there are a number of them both online and offline that stock amazing items at ridiculously cheap prices. This helps me cut down a lot on my spending and stay within my budget and I get to save more.


Research Your Destination:  Read up lots of reviews and get familiar with your chosen destination. this would enable you find out various activities that can be done at little or no cost at all. for international destinations, as little as knowing flight routes that would cost cheaper could save you a whole lot of money.

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Find more tips that can help you save towards your next trip in the picture below

So I’ll like to know how you save for your vacations in the comment section. Y’all know I like to hear from you.

Till soon. Tosin Toge xx

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