How To Pack Light For Travel

    For someone who loves traveling, I have come to realize that stress-free travel starts with smart packing.

Packing requires practicality as one must take into consideration what items to bring as well as how to strategically organize them into one compact carry-on. I mean, it’s better to strip down to the essentials. This helps you avoid the burden of shouldering bulky bags along the terminal walkways. Even after taking advantage of cheap flights, I still try as much as possible to avoid paying for excess baggage.

Here are some tips to help you with minimalist packing and if you are traveling from Nigeria, you might want to save some bucks. Check out cheap flights from Nigeria to New York and thank me later.

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This sounds very clichè but making a packing list ensures that you differentiate between what is necessary (more like important) and what is not. This list should depend on the places you intend to visit, as well as the activities you would be involved with. Make a list of clothing and shoes you would be taking while taking weather into consideration. You can reduce the number of clothings if you would be able to do some washing.


Selecting neutral shades is a great way of packing lights. The trick is to pick outfits in colours that compliment each other. Building a capsule wardrobe just involves picking basic items that are versatile and can be paired easily with other clothings. This enables you to pack less clothings while having enough to wear too.


Just like I said in this post, this would make it less likely to hastily include items that are not necessary as you’d have enough time to analyze properly if you would need the items or not. Packing at the last minute would most likely make you throw in so many items without having enough time to think about how necessary they are.


Roll up your cothes instead of folding to save space. However if you have to avoild wrinkles on certain items, your best bet would be to fold those items. Using compression packing bags which allow you more room for your clothes and other items. Check out these backpacks in Nigeria and if you are traveling for business, then a laptop backpack would be needed.


If after packing and sizing up your luggage, you thibk you have packed too much, you probably have. You can then adjust accordingly while removing certain items you think you can most likely do without. This emphasise why you need to pack early enough too. Also, check your airline’s baggage restrictions to avoid extra fees. The baggage restrictions varies by airline and this should guide you on how much you might need to pack or not.

However going with a suitcase and backpack that doesn’t exceed 20 pounds fully packed can ensure that you stay within limits. However, I prefer backpacks and if you are in Nigeria, check out backpacks in Nigeria. I love these back packs because they are versatile, easier to carry around and they are well padded(remember your luggages would be thrown about and even piled up in buses). Also, they have straight-cut padded shoulder pad which doesn’t allow the arms hurt and with different compartments where you can tuck in a few items.

How often do you travel? What are the ways you ensure that you travel light? Please leave your comments down below and don’t forget to follow me on all my social media pages @thetosintoge

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  1. AllofTheAboveBlogs

    This is so timely for me, sas I’m heading out of state, soon and don’t want to pack too many things, which I have a history of doing. Thank you for this post!

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