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Welcome to thetosintoge.com; an online diary specially curated with you, my blog readers, in mind.

Here, I share my favorite fashion, food and travels finds. I also share tips on selfcare and my goal is to build a community of bargainisters that love to enjoy life to the fullest regardless of the size of their pocket. 

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About Me

I am Tosin, a pharmacist turned content creator and bargain hunter

I am a Nigerian based blogger with a flair for finding the best deals on literally everything I enjoy doing -looking good, travelling and indulging in things that edifies my body and soul. 

I’m a firm believer that the size of your pocket  should never limit your ability to look stylish and enjoy yourself as much as you want.

My Services

I offer a range of services that a lot of brands will find beneficial to the overall growth of their brand

Content Creation

With almost 5 years experience of creating content for my blog, other bloggers and brands, I have built the skills and experience needed to create compelling content that will help you scale up your brand. 

I can help you create great social media graphics, content calendar, niched web articles, pictures, videos and so on for your brand

Brand Collaboration

With a growing engaging community online, I believe my platform is a perfect match for your brand through sponsored posts, product reviews, social media feature, I can share your products with my audience and influence them to make a purchase.

I am interested in working with fashion, travel and brands that’s focused on selfcare and wellness


Social Media Mgt

Helping brands improve their online presence especially as a means to foster scalable growth and sales Is one of my forte. I believe having a good social media presence is very important to any brand that wants to grow in this day and I am the best candidate for your new, growing or established brand. I can help you improve your online presence, boost brand credibility and sales

What My Clients Have To Say About My Services

“I admire Tosin's extraordinary energy and creativity. She puts in her best to all she does and positively affects all that she comes across. She understands her work and gets things done efficiently and correctly.”

Busayo, Kolo Moni

“I like that Tosin grew with us as a small brand and her attention to details is quite impeccable. She knows are onions and was so easy to work with.”

Michael, Da Kings Restaurant

"Tosin is an amazing personality with so much creativity, flare and style. She does it with ease. I worked with different influencers for a particular influencer campaign last year and from when Tosin wore a particular top from us, different people ordered the same top, and skirt. She isn't just an influencer, she is a style catalyst. When planning an influencer campaign, Tosin is you go-to gurl"

Seyi, Wawooh

Blog Categories


I curate content on tips and hacks on how to be stylish on a budget as well amazing fashion sales and finds – the goal is to help you look your best regardless of how much you earn

Self Care

I am a huge believer in taking some time to myself to do things that edify my body and soul because mental health is important to me. I share tips on this blog on how you can too


Exploring new places is one of my favorite things to do and curating my experiences on this blog to help you make better informed decisions if you’re looking for where to go to

Latest From The Blog

If there was anything I was very good at, it was pointing out my own flaws, even before anyone pointed them out to me.
After almost 26 years of being around, I realized that I spent more than half of those years feeling insecure about different things. 

One of my major goals this year was to travel a lot but as that didn’t quite happen as I didn’t get to visit most of the places I had in mind to go to; partly because I have been busy in school but majorly because I am a student on a very tight budget

Packing requires practicality as one must take into consideration what items to bring as well as how to strategically organize them into one compact carry-on. I mean, it’s better to strip down to the essentials. This helps you avoid the burden of shouldering bulky bags along the terminal walkways.