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Happy New Month! Is it just me or is the year running along to fast? January was just a few moments ago y’know?
I hope we are all reviewing our goals and working towards them as well because putting God first and being intentional about it makes IT happen.

Alice, CEO colours and grey

It’s actually good to see that interesting things are beginning to happen in Ibadan one of which is the blogger’s forum Ibadan edition that happened over the weekend!

If you are an ardent reader of my blog (you should totally subscribe if you haven’t), you must have seen my blog post about the second edition which happened in lagos. You can read about it here

I got to the event a little bit late but just in time to listen to Alice talk about various ways to improve your blog which includes having a good social media presence, being consistent,using the right tools and many other things.

The Tosin toge
Dammy and Grace

We also had the CEO of Rahymat Clothings speak to us about her brand after which we had another speaker Mr Segunfunmi  of exclusiveicaretv talk to us about the importance of good images in blogging.

Mr Segunfunmi of exclusiveicaretv

We had small chops which I forgot to snap because I was busy catching up as compared to the lagos edition, I made up my mind to avoid any form of shyness and I guess I was able to achieve  that
Tbh I didn’t know we had so many bloggers in Ibadan even though some bloggers came in from Lagos, Majority of the bloggers present are Ibadan based.

the tosin toge

A lot of bloggers where present; Both the ones I’ve met before like Joy of imodelafrica.com, Grace of shanyiilife.com, Seun of ordinaryandart.com and those I was meeting for the first time like Ella of naturalgirlonabudget.com ,(She’s sooo cool), Dammy of theshakaragirl.com , (one of the first blogger friends I made; Hey boo), cute Tife of tifeadunade..com , Collins of thestreethaute..com and so many other awesome peeps.

Collins and I

We got to go home with goodie bags which contained mainly makeup and beauty products (quick answer to my prayers)
I totally enjoyed the programme and can’t wait for the next edition.

Pictures were taken by Seun of ordinaryandart.com
Opinions in the comment section because I want to hear from you!

Have a wonderful month ahead of you lovelies.

Till soon. TOSIN TOGE.

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  1. Oyetunji Oluwaseyi

    Awwwnawwwn, must b nice. First of all, loved ur outfit to d event it’s pretty cool ibadan z getting even more interesting. U met dami, she’s cool Yh wud follow dese oda bloggers u listed asap *kisses*

    1. olutoge

      Yea Dammy is sooo cool. Thanks boo

  2. Ada

    I thought I was going to make it but oh well I didn’t… Nice outfit girl but that skirt would fit me better http://www.adagirl.com.ng

    1. olutoge

      Lmao. I bet it’ll be too big Thanks dear

    1. olutoge

      Cheers to being friends forever! Can’t wait to see you soon

  3. Joy Ollie

    Beautiful Tosin. It was great seeing you again. Cheers dear.

    1. olutoge

      Same here boo. Holla the next time you’re in town let’s hang out

    1. olutoge

      Awww same here boo. Thanks for reading.

  4. Collins

    I finally got to see you which was pretty awesome. Your personality deserves a 5 star. And I hope my shyness wasn’t obvious?


    1. olutoge

      You weren’t so shy. Was super nice meeting you. We should hang out more often when you’re in town

  5. Styledcolorfully

    wow!! You really had fun and I wish I was there to meet you And yes to the goodie bags. Can’t Wait for the Abuja forum

    1. olutoge

      Yes I did. We’ll meet very soon boo and yes you should totally attend babe. You’d enjoy it!

  6. Grace Gigi

    My twinee ive never met lol. Lovely pictures. Forums like these are so important and fun. Too bad I missed the Lagos edition.


    1. olutoge

      Yes Twinnie. We’d see very soon and yes you should attend the next lagos edition.

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