Blogger Recognition Award 

Hello guys! How’s your week going?

So last week, Praise of nominated me for the blogger recognition award which I have accepted gladly 😀😀

To accept the award you have to write a post to show the award.

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you

Thanks for nominating me Praise

Give a brief story about how you started blogging

I had a blog previously where I used to put up various posts and pictures and send to friends just for the fun of it. I stopped because….

Well I started this particular blog sometimes this year basically due to boredom tbh and It has kind of become a big deal for me.

Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers 

The first advise for me tbh is that you should “do your thing” and you’d get noticed at the right time.

Secondly, don’t compare yourself with anyone because even the “established” bloggers today started somwhere and put in enough effort to get to where they are now. It’s not even a race. At all.

Nominate 15 deserving bloggers 












And after I have been accused by my Friend I nominate

Grace Chinomso (Yes you have been nominated!)😂😂😂

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  1. Opsal

    babe i think u should go for this… u were nominated (u didnt beg for this).. and in d case of waiting for d right time, right time won’t tell u its arnd..d right time is now cz ur strting from somewhere n rmbr, its a “recognition award”..u may b doing this out of boredom or whatever buh bliv me, it’ll end up being big… i bliv u cn do it babe..

  2. UvieOghene B.

    Proud of you Tosin!!

    1. olutoge

      Love you too babe and you’re welcome

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