Hey everybody!

I don’t even know if to apologize again because I know y’all are very angry with me but what can you do to your girl eh?
Welcome back to my blog.

So if you follow me on Instagram(if you’re not you should follow me here) you must have seen my excitement about the blogger’s forum organized by Alice of coloursandgrey. I also mentioned it in my last post here.

I traveled all the way from Ibadan because that’s my first event as a blogger and yes it was totally worth it.

This was my favourite painting on the wall

The event held at Capital Square at ikoyi (in dolphin estate) and I didn’t find any problems locating the place even though I’m not so familiar with Lagos and the choice of location was really impressive.

I don’t know what happened but i was shy when I first got there and was pressing my phone awkwardly till the nice d3ola of omogemura.com  came in and sat beside me and we had a chat but once the event started and we introduced ourselves and our blog and IG handles I became more relaxed as the fun began.

There were two guest speakers; Tayo Afolabi of World PR Media who spoke extensively on how to work with brands and the second speaker was d3ola who gave us 8 tips on how to brand ourselves as bloggers.
I must say attending this forum was really educative and an eye-opener for me.

Myself and Lydia
Lydia,Mirabelle and I

I had fun and especially with the fact that I met some awesome bloggers like joy of imodelafrica.com, Vivian of thealaroro.com, Lydia of lydiaschronicles.wordpress.com(hey boo),Tonye Igbani of thetonyeigbani.com Oyin of oyinkansviews.wordpress.com, Mirabelle Osuji and so many other bloggers.

Myself and Vivian (thealaroro.com)

We had snacks which tasted really good and mamba energy drink(which tasted really good btw).

The cupcakes tasted just as good as they look
Cake by @waracakes

I must say Alice did a good job with the whole thing and she has another one of this forum coming up in October but this time in ibadan. You can contact her here if you still want to RSVP and let me know if you’d be there because I’m definitely going to be there.
We all went home with goodie bags which contained: Shampoo and Lemon glow scrub and ori-coco shea butter (which smells heavenly btw) from Hairfliattion,Jamaican black castor oil, La Fame poop spray, liquid black soap with moving a from etsy essentials, ankara note book from Africanthings etc

I also won a dress from@mayrushonline (which Vivian really wanted me to have) which i would be featuring very soon on the blog;thanks Tonye giving me the dress

goodie bag
Some of the things in my goodie bag
Look who’s getting better at taking my pictures🙈🙈

Outfit Details  (dress code was denim with a touch of ankara)

Denim shirt: Random buy
Denim Trouser : Random buy
Choker : Beadornedbyyettie 

Shoes: Thrifted (nine west)

Ankara bow: DIY

Till soon. Toeseene.


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nice one bby.. keep it ..


Thanks dear


Can i have some of the goodies pleaseeee


Haha. Let me think about it. Which one? Thanks for reading babe


On behalf of fellow readers, we binu gan lol but we’d forgive u 😉 missed yr posts tho. Saw all d pictures on IG, sure looked lyk y’all had loads of fun. D goodies bag tho . Was hoping to attend d ib edition but I’m baq in lag 🙁 lyk my lyf ryt nao z shuffling btw ib nd lag. My blog isn’t even functional yet #vision2017 by God’s grace, maybe I’d get more involved by den


Haha emabinu oh. Thanks dear and pls start blogging soon oh!


Nice one girl. I remember how shy you were when you came in and was like *this geh better start talking, lol.


Haha ikr. But you people made me very comfortable afterward. Was nice meeting you boo.


Shy baby, you sure had fun and that goody bag is really good!

Love your pants



Thanks dear


I can’t believe I wrote an epistle of comment and it didn’t get posted. or an are yet to moderate.
Anyways, It was nice meeting you.
And I love the new look of your blog.



Are u sure? I moderate everything written on here dear.thanks love


Wow Wow Hi Tosin. I just knew you looked really familiar and cute too. I love your hair.
Laitanbee Blog


Oh I do? Thanks dearest


Nice one!!


It was so great meeting and chatting with you! 😀



Same here D3ola. You are just really cool!

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