Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. As I was just discharged from the hospital this morning and wasn’t able to shoot any style post as scheduled today, I just figured out I might just do the “current situation” tag which I saw on Oyindamola’s blog to let you people into what’s going on in my life at the moment. You can check hers out here.

So without further ado..

Current age: 21 years 9 months

Wearing: Oversized clothings. Since I “keyed” into this trend, I’m not sure I’m leaving it anytime soon. Really comfortable and chic.  So why not?

Current Natural hair age: About 4 months and some days. I plan on chopping it off real soon again. I enjoy doing that. Anyone knows what that syndrome is called?

Current Hair situation: Inverted corn rows(didi) because its a good protective hairstyle as my wigs come in handy.
Be sure to order yours here

Current lipstick colour: Red! Till I fall in love with another maybe. But Red! Red! Red! All the way (any shade of red does the trick)

Current favourite accessories: my wristwatch I guess..

Current favourite movie: errr… I don’t really watch movies so.. World war Z still holds that place in my heart.

Current Favourite Nigerian Author: Tomi Adesina! I hope to meet her real soon. She’s such a great writer. I currently don’t own any hard copy though but I hope to buy very soon. I have a lot in soft copies.

Current foreign author: I’m not too old to say Enid Blyton shey?

Currently Admiring: Cassie daves. Like how did she sail through Med school with consistent blogging. You have my respect girl!

Currently Wishing: I had my own camera already or wait. Scratch that. .wishing I was done with school already! I can’t wait to tell you guys my story. Next year it is by God’s grace.

Currently Determined to: Show more love to people around me especially my friends and do well in my school work.

Currently Craving : Icecream. I never stop craving icecream lol I kid. I want new shoes.
You may want to get me new shoes
You should get my new shoes.
Getting me new shoes would make me happy😂😂😂

Current favourite food: Ofada Rice is bae pls

Current favourite candy: err almost anything in that celebration pack does it for me except Bounty! I hate the coconut thingy.

Currently Finding exciting: How I’m making money out of what I’ve learnt for a long time but ignored.
The bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:10 “Whatever your hands find to do, do it”

Currently Feeling good: About myself. Trying to fall in love with myself and everything about me more and more

Currently Anticipating: The Coloursandgrey bloggers forum coming up in September(who else is going to be there?) and the first bloggers meetup in Ibadan ever by Coloursandgrey still( All the Cool stuffs happen in Lagos and Abuja but never in Ibadan😒😒)and my birthday, October 21st save the date!

Currently Happy about: My new relationship. Yes. I’m in a relationship 😄😄

Currently Appreciating: God,Family, friends turned sisters, my boyfriend and everybody around me generally

Currently Inspired by : God, My environment, social media

Currentlt Planning to: Develop my skills in photography and make-up. Damn! I suck at makeup, I can’t even draw my brows to save my life. It’s that bad

Currently Loving: Funkeolotu’s blog. Her poems and stories gives me a sort of feeling I can’t explain. Well done girl! Stop by her blog here

Regretting: Studying this course I’m currently studying in school. I can’t even wait to graduate.

Unsure About: What to do after internship but I’ve been praying about that and I’m pretty sure that will be revealed before the end of the year.

Currently Reading: My bible(only way to get closer to God)

Currently Listening to: Adekunle Gold’s new album.

What’s your current situation. Let me know if we have anything in common at the moment.

Btw I’d love to see other blogs do this tag so I nominate

Funke of Funkeolotu.com

Damilola of theshakaragirl.com

Maureen of

Till soon. Toeseene.


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get well soon B


Thanks dear


Thanks for the nomination and for loving my blog, I love yours too!

My birthday is October 20, so close.

I hate my course too and Cassie is just a super human.

And your new relationship, congratulations.



Haha I see why I like you so much already. You’re my sis. Thanks dear


haha. October kids be piling up. October 24th baby!


I wrote an epistle but just *get well sppn* posted smh. m terrible@ make-up too lyk d only thing I get well z applying lipstick lol. I used tp cut my hair a lot tpp but it hasn’t been growing so I stopped altho I’m reconsidering cutting it again nd getting serious with my hair, lyk a fresh start sumfin lol. Congrats on ur relationship, wish you all d best. Get dat degree baby girl :*


Haha thanks so much boo


Welcome back love.I hope you are much better now.nice writeup by the way..I need that wigin love with it..thumbs up!!


Thanks dearest.


The relationship part and age caught my eyes..lol. So u r my own big sis instead..lol. Ask me how on bbm.


I hate bounty too ehn. And I can’t believe it’s almost a year already. “21 on the 21st” Lol somebody is getting old. Can’t wait for the bloggers brunch either. I love that passage whatever your hands findeth… Do it well. Take care of yourself ❤


Awwww thank you dearest.


I’m currently craving ice cream too, in fact I have a list of flavors, I’d love to try but my health won’t let me.
I can relate to the makeup thingy, you doing better than me girl!



Lol! Hi Tosin! Lovely read!!! I don’t even know what to say, you inspire to finally start blogging. You doing great btw: red lip stick; good for you. Nothing suits me these days since I got a bit darker save for the coral I have been using for months now. Congratulations on your current exciting finding and relationship. You must be glowing like crazy lol. I hope you feel alot better now. Cheers babe.


Awww thanks Fridaws dear. I’m glad I inspired you. Thanks for the nice words and yes I’m very much better. I hope you continue/start blogging soon. Can’t wait to read your posts


Ofada rice is super bae. Especially the Abeokuta made. Lovely post, I enjoyed reading.


Aww thanks dear

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