Personal Style||Playful in Mayrush

Who else knows that feeling you get when it’s almost your birthday. When you don’t know whether to be sad because you’re getting old and even your pops is asking about your “bobo” and you know marriage soon and you know you’re going to have to be responsible for yourself very soon or happy because when you look back at everything God has done for you, you can’t but smile only because he’s just started with you. 


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Collaboration||The Little Black Dress



I was actually going to tittle this post “WHEN COKE MEETS FANTA” but I wasn’t sure anyone would want to open this post so I settled for this!

Happy Monday guys! Hope your weekend was as lit as mine? Well it wasn’t as lit as I’m making it sound but let’s just pretend it was. Shall we?


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Review||Ewami Essentials Cleansing Honey

Hey there! It’s not too late to say Happy new month eh? Welcome to my birth month and I hope this month brings us Peace, Joy and everything we have been hoping for.I hope I keep being consistent as that is actually one of my new month resolutions. Lol. Yes. I have new month resolutions because I can. (more…)

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Event||Colours And Greys Blogger’s Forum

Hey everybody!

I don’t even know if to apologize again because I know y’all are very angry with me but what can you do to your girl eh?
Welcome back to my blog.

So if you follow me on Instagram(if you’re not you should follow me here) you must have seen my excitement about the blogger’s forum organized by Alice of coloursandgrey. I also mentioned it in my last post here. (more…)

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Life Style||Current situation

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. As I was just discharged from the hospital this morning and wasn’t able to shoot any style post as scheduled today, I just figured out I might just do the “current situation” tag which I saw on Oyindamola’s blog to let you people into what’s going on in my life at the moment. You can check hers out here.

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Personal Style||Back In RAEDELLE

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! I’m back and yes I missed you all. I know y’all missed me too because I got all your mails asking me when I was going to finish my exams and resume blogging. Oh well! I’m done and I’m back. Phew! Writing exams every single day for 2 weeks ain’t beans yo! I really cannot wait to graduate and as usual I’m not complaining.


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